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Project Background

The demand for renewable energy is creating pressure to produce energy from various sources of biomass, including wood. Increased harvesting of woody biomass for bioenergy and biofuels may have impacts on forest ecosystems, biodiversity, and agricultural land use. NC State University has been the lead partner, with University of Georgia and the Forest Guild, on a four-year research project designed to create a better understanding of how biomass harvesting for emerging renewable energy markets impacts ecosystem services provided by our southeastern forest lands ( Funding for this project has been provided by the USDA NRI/AFRI - Managed Ecosystems Program, the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, the NCDA Bioenergy Initiative, and the Southeast Climate Science Center, with in kind support from Weyerhaeuser Corp, Georgia Pacific, and Plum Creek. The research is nearly complete and the outreach component of the project is in full swing.

Training Opportunities

Results from the research project will be presented at this training session, along with information on policy approaches other states have taken. Training participants will hear various perspectives on the topic of woody biomass harvesting, including impacts on NC’s logging and other forest-based industries, economic opportunities, and an update on NC’s forest inventory status. Included will be a field tour of a site where measurement and harvesting of woody biomass will discussed and assessed. For your convenience, this training session will be held three times at varying locations and dates.

Registering to Attend

Advanced registration for these sessions is now closed. We encourage anyone interested in attending to register at the door.

Scheduled Training Sessions

Date Location Details Credits
April 15, 2014 Stanford M. Adams Training Facility Agenda 5.0 Cat. 1-CF
April 16, 2014 Cunningham Research Station Agenda 5.0 Cat. 1-CF
August 27, 2014 Iredell County Extension Center Agenda 5.0 Cat. 1-CF

Webinar Opportunities

A series of 6 webinars will be offered on focused topics around the theme of "Biomass Harvesting Sustainability." Each webinar will be 1 hour in duration and feature presenters from a variety of land management organizations and educational institutions. Participants will join the webinars through the Webinar Portal at
Click on the webinar title below for registration details.

Webinar Topics


2014 Dates

The status and potential future of
biomass harvesting guidelines

Zander Evans,
The Forest Guild

April 1

Opinions of foresters, loggers and landowners in NC regarding biomass harvesting guidelines

Nils Peterson,
NC State University Wildlife and Conservation Biology Program

April 9

Biomass harvesting guideline implementation: challenges and opportunities, including inventory techniques

Dennis Hazel,
NC State University Forestry Extension

April 24

 Small mammal and amphibian response to biomass harvesting

Sarah Fritts,
NC State University Wildlife and Conservation Biology Program

May 8

Effects of biomass harvesting on
birds and invertebrates

Steve Grodsky,
NC State University Wildlife and Conservation Biology Program

June 4

Soil impacts of biomass harvesting

Larry Morris,
University of Georgia

July 8

NC Bioenergy Bar-B-Que on September 18, 2014

Do you live or work in Duplin, Sampson, Wayne, Lenoir, Pender or Greene counties? If so, we invite you to a special free event designed to provide information to local communities about energy from biomass. It's our NC Bioenergy BBQ on September 18, 2014 at the Williamsdale Biofuels Lab. For more information CLICK HERE..